I have spent the last two years trying to walk the talk I preach.  I had an epiphany a couple of years ago and realized my life’s purpose was to help women.  Daily preachings and encouragement to put themselves first for ONCE in their life so that they may have a cup to pour from for their relationships, job, and children.

I saw people begin to become healthier, happier, more confident.  I became addicted to helping people.  I moved on to my husband, my children, also.  And before I knew it, day by day, little by little….I stopped taking care of MYSELF.

The end of 2017 I found myself digging through boxes of random shit from the last 12-15 years of my life.  You know, the boxes of stuff you throw things in when you’re moving that you just don’t want to deal with or go through…photos that aren’t in albums, mail, letters, cards, etc….

Our villa doesn’t have adequate storage compared to homes back in the U.S., so I had no choice but to go through them, FINALLY, so that I could consolidate.

I relived the last half of my life, almost in chronological order…it was intense.  I found myself grieving the loss of family members, being relieved that some struggles were behind my marriage, realizing that my oldest child is going to be graduated from school in the same amount of years of her current age.

Life goes by so fast once you have kids.

I am also a “fight or flight” type of person.  But one thing I realized in going through all of the boxes was that I’ve never really dealt with my emotions and it was this MASSIVE realization that the things I’ve been through in life have affected who I am today.  I knew this already….I just learned some SPECIFIC things that I realized were the derivative of my issues.

Which brings me to my point – my uncle always said to me when I was a teenager (which I believe his parents said to him) …

“Remember, the decisions you make tonight could affect you for you for the rest of your life.”

At the time, I realized he was just trying to influence me to make decisions to keep myself safe, to keep myself childless, and to not hurt other people…

But TODAY – this means something TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO ME.

The decisions you make can affect your CHILDREN for the rest of THEIR lives!

When we become adults and realize the origin of our fuckedupness…it’s a lot to endure.

Resentment.  Shame.  Anxiety.  Pain.

When I realize how my childhood and my teenage experiences impact who I am as an adult and as a mother – it is FREAKY of how my children could be impacted.

You realize if your mom sucked it was because she tried to do the opposite of her mom and took it too far, and her mom wasn’t what she needed because her mom was a certain way…

And I’m not talking about the big decisions out the gate like BF/FF, vaccinate/don’t vaccinate, etc….I’m talking about our reactions to their behavior, our pet peeves…etc.

This is a LOT of pressure.

Here’s an example.
When my son pokes me to get my attention I completely see red and lose my shit on him instantly (when normally I am really patient).  It’s embarrassing how angry I get – immediately.
I was talking to my aunt about how I was not sure why I get so angry….she said, “I know why”….and proceeds to remind me that when my mother would get mad at me she would poke me in the chest and get in my face to talk to me sternly.  Then alllll the memories of how SHITTY of a person that made me feel came flooding back to me.

…And here I am present day, losing my shit on my 5-year-old from him poking me to get my attention….which he could later end up telling his therapist when he’s 30 that when he was a child and would try to get my attention I would yell at him…. :::CHA-CHING::: Therapy bills piling up already!

It’s like, which came first?  The chicken? Or the egg?

What do you think your kids will tell their therapists?

Life is a total MINDF*CK!

This year I’m on a new path for MYSELF.  Going to be PRACTICING my own advice and stop being a total hypocrite!

First thing’s first…back on the healthy eating and daily exercise routine.  WISH ME LUCK!

Don’t put me on speaker phone…

You may be wondering…how can a pain in the ass be helpful?

Well…I’m not the kind of person that you can put on speaker phone.  Sometimes my want need for profanity gets out of control…

I could make a sailor blush.

Here’s why I think people still want to be friends with me anyway…

Because I am not the type of person that is going to tell you what you WANT to hear.  I assume when someone contacts me to get my opinion they have previously exhausted all advice from all other folks and still haven’t had a solution to their issue…or perhaps they want to get the cold-hard truth from the very start of their dilemma…

The people that have known me FOREVER expect this tough-love-talk from me.  If you’re just getting to know me…just know, that’s how I show you love.  If I am not challenging you and making you think, then I either am not sure if our friendship is on the level of #truth or I perhaps may not enjoy your company.  Luckily, over the years of personal growth I have practiced and learned how to deliver these moments of brash truth in a little more loving and less harsh way…(still working on it).

One day, I asked myself “Why do you do this to people?!” And the answer I got from myself, was “Because that’s what YOU need…”

I have a really strong personality – and am unapologetically me.  The more of me you see, the closer we are…and I need people even stronger than me and more outspoken than me for advice.  Sometimes that’s hard to find! I think it’s because I give what I need…I need people to hold me accountable just like I hold them.

…God bless all of the people that put up with me…I love you dearly.

Who really goes on an International Flight, with kids?

…Short Answer…MOST OF THE WORLD.  Americans don’t travel with children internationally as often as everyone else in the world mostly because of how freaking far away the USA is from everything else…AND we have FIFTY states to visit that are all so different – seeing them all is something every American spends a lifetime trying to do, much less go ACROSS THE POND.  Also, let’s face it – it’s expensive to fly internationally from the USA for one person, much less, adding a bunch of kids to the bill.

Growing up in the middle of the continental U.S., flights are not very long in comparison to an international flight.  I think the longest flight I’ve ever been on in the States was three and a half hours.  When I was a kid and flew to see my Dad, (he was in the military and my parents were divorced) the flights never bothered me.  Luckily, my Dad got me a Walkman CD player so that I could listen to music to pass the time and I remember belting out Shania Twain on the way to San Francisco and I couldn’t hear how loud I was because he had gotten me some badass leather-cushioned headphones (before BOSE was a thing) and I couldn’t hear shit.  Not until my grandmother tapped me on the hand and gave me this little smirk did I know…Hopefully I sounded GOOD.

But those were before the days of the immediate gratification that my children are accustomed. (Wonder what they’ll call their generation…?)  Now, kids don’t even have to watch commercials (which was kind of fucking awesome until they discovered the weird world of grown ass adults playing with toys on YouTube..that’s basically an entire episode of a “commercial…) they can just literally be like, “Oh I want to binge on Wild Kratts and I want to see the episode where they help the tiger…”  This reality is NOT flight friendly.  Sometimes not even when you fly business class on the world’s most luxurious airline, because although the airline has done their duty to put Paw Patrol on their amazing entertainment system…little spoiled shits have already seen that entire season and they don’t want to watch it and canNOT understand why the new episodes with Everest aren’t an option. But I digress.

I have three kids.  Each 3 years apart and my youngest is 2.5…so I have an array of expectations to fulfill.  Most importantly, the toddler.  He’s fucking insane.  He requires a dungeon of darkness to sleep…so he doesn’t sleep on a plane…and then my middle child isn’t that great at reading yet so he has to have extra help, too.  My oldest is a survivor (Bless Her Heart) and I don’t have to do a thing with her…

BUT – no less, here are my tips on traveling from my experience traveling back and forth from Texas to Dubai with the brood.

1.  Preparing for the Flight

One of my biggest bouts of anxiety when we first had to travel with the kids was airport security.  Trying to imagine how all three of my kids would deal with mommy and daddy having to take out every single thing and put it into the bins and take our shoes off and then how would we walk through so that we didn’t lose a kid…

First, pack smart.  Do not take ANYTHING on that plane that you don’t need.  Every kid gets a backpack for their crap (books, crossword puzzles, iPad, toys, a few legos, a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cup, etc.) because an International Flight for Americans means that you’ll be on the plane for a whole day.  Snacks.  When you think you haven’t packed enough – pack more.  My kids do not typically eat non-perishable food, but for flying, I make an exception for my sanity.  Just like grown ass adults, boredom hunger strikes every five minutes.  (Especially when you see that stupid airplane icon still has 8 more hours to go until you’ve reached your destination).  For whatever reason, eating passes the time.  The food on our flights to and fro are excellent, and the kids like it…but there are several hours in between each meal.  This is where goldfish, crackers, protein bars, etc come in handy.

For myself I take a backpack or a crossbody instead of a handbag so that my hands are free and I have a change of clothes, the diapers and wipes, my laptop, and makeup.  My husband takes a backpack with his junk…and then we take ONE carry on luggage because I have really expensive camera equipment that I don’t want to check.  Tip:  I always pack a change of clothes just in case our luggage gets misplaced.

Oh, and obviously – get there WAY early.

2.  What do you wear?

Leggings! DUH!  We really take advantage of athliesure-wear for flights.  I wear a black leggings, Nike’s, a comfy top –>but not a workout top, and then I dress it up with a cardigan or vest so that I don’t look too much like I’m about to go to the gym.  Hubby wears about the same thing.  I put the boys in cool little boy sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt, usually, for day flights, and then I pack their PJs.  For the tot, he needs a couple of extra shirts because he ends up with food all over him….For middle of the night flights, I put them in their PJ’s most of the time and then pack the reverse.

Side note:  a lot of people like to fly in sandals so that they don’t have to spend as much time taking off their shoes in the security line, but I do not want to walk on the floor barefoot…and when we’re traveling that far with kids, I want to be in some comfy shoes because there will be a lot of walking involved.  And airports are always COLD.

3.  Security

We have a lot of bins…one for each laptop, 5 backpacks, two teddy bears, and the carry on…plus mine and hubby’s shoes.  (The kids don’t have to take theirs off.) But we start removing clothing and shoes well before it’s our turn…we have a really good system.
We put one adult in the front, the kids in the middle, and the other of us at the back…so that one of us can receive the kids through the security checkpoint and one can keep an eye on them to the forward.  When the tot was a baby we did have the stroller and they took it through separately and I carried him with me.  Now, he just walks through the xRay machine himself.  It’s always gone rather smooth and we’ve never taken up too much time.  The most stressful part is the putting things back on while the kids are standing and putting things back in their bags…because we’re just sort of watching the kids out of our peripherals!

4.  In Flight

So, the hardest part is SLEEP.  A LOT of people suggest giving Benadryl but I really don’t care for that method – I tried it once out of desperation and all it did was send my toddler into a state of high – like he was on speed.  I’m not a big fan of medicine at all.  We have it but we don’t use it anymore.  HOWEVER, like I mentioned previously, my toddler WILL NOT sleep on planes.  Our flight is 16 hours and I have to have some sleep to function for the other two.  You’ve got a couple of options, 1…tag team your husband and take turns.  2.  Liquid Melatonin.  I did this a few weeks ago and it didn’t make him sleep 8 hours, but it did chill him out and let him have a long 4 hour nap (at the very end of the flight.)  I was a zombie but it at least kept me from re-seating him every 5 seconds like previous flights.  The older two just watch movies and eat the whole time.  Pretty easy to fly with the 5 and 8 year old. (Even since they were a few years younger also.)  It’s the toddler that’s hard.  We put him by the window so that he is sort of trapped.  He plays with Hot Wheels and legos and will watch about 20 mins of TV/MOVIE.

5.  Getting Off.

The easiest part of all.  My kids are always excited but also scared, so they’ll be hyperaware of their surroundings since they’re in an unfamiliar place.  I sit with the kids while my husband retrieves all of our luggage and the stroller…we play “I Spy” or talk about our plans after the luggage gets around.  It’s not too stressful.

Hope your international flight goes as smooth as a baby’s bum!

All Willy Nilly

Marriage advice.

We had to go get food today because, we were gone for a month visiting family in the States, so we were out of everything. Michael went with me so he could get a shave while I shopped and then he met me back in the grocery store.

I forgot I had to grab some almond milk so he started checking out while I went to get it. I came back to find all of our items placed all willy nilly on the belt. It made me cringe. No rhyme or reason to the placement. 😬 

But I didn’t say a word. Catch me on a bad day, and sure – I’d have complained. But today, I took a deep breath and giggled to myself about how unproductive this battle would have been to pick.

I feel like it’s these small instances of every day nit-picky and bickering that make marriage fall into the pits of the rollercoaster.

If I’d have chosen to be bitchy, I KNOW that the next time I asked him to go with me, he would say not no, but hell no!


In previous discussions about our relationship – I learned that when he becomes an unnecessary workaholic, its almost always related to my attitude and current mood.  These days, if I’m being moody for a day, he just brushes it off…and if it’s shark week he brushes it off (or I’d bite his head off) – but if it’s 2-3 days of straight up shittyness toward him, he calls me out.  No, I’m not some oppressed woman whose husband tells her to get some “act right”….I’m a woman that needs to be checked sometimes.  Because I don’t want to end up sharing my children on the weekends with him and some step mom my children can’t wait to see because she makes really good salsa!

So the next time you think about complaining about something DUMB like this…#checkyourself




Something had to give.

I was talking to a mom who considers herself crunchy and she said all the time people ask her “this must be your first [child]”?

I’ve heard people say this before. Hell, I’ve probably even said this about people I know who I thought were “extreme” in the past.

The truth of the matter for me, is, I’ve become crunchier with each child (I have three) and as time passes on. Why? Because with each child came a new set of symptoms which I googled, asked questions to my friends who I knew did things in a healthier way, tried to figure out the CAUSE of their symptoms instead. It all started with my daughter who had chronic ear infections for 4 and a half years. Then a little boy who seemed to be allergic to dairy. Then another dairy allergy. A baby who was perfectly normal with no skin issues or illnesses until I started giving him formula at 8 months old.

I didn’t ask the generation above me (no offense to them) but it was clear to me that MY generation was one filled with allergies, early breast cancer, autism, massive amounts of depression and anxiety and quite frankly I felt something had to be common. No coincidence.

As I research more and more I become passionately reliant upon remedies that come from the soil God gave us. What we put into our bodies is killing us. But it can also heal us – if we change what we put into it.

Inflammation is the first sign that something is wrong with your children and you. But what is inflammation? It’s the body’s immune response to something that is wrong. Toxins like chemicals in our processed foods and cleaners, etc. It presents itself in the system through signs like rashes, eczema, headaches, upset stomach, asthma, and even worse like blood circulation and erectile dysfunction – and while some of these can be severe – most of the time all of these symptoms are mild and manageable with convenient over the counter medicines (which also have side effects). But when you combine all of it together – it’s chaos. Your body shouldn’t feel that way. Your little baby and your small children certainly shouldn’t.  STOP ACCEPTING that.

But what do we do? We look to doctors. What do doctors know how to do? Treat symptoms. All we really have to do is change how we take care of ourselves.  Did you know that doctors are not trained in nutrition? I didn’t either until I started researching.

If you have a child with any of those symptoms – I challenge you to change their meal plan to a Whole Foods plant-based diet for two weeks and see what happens. You don’t have anything to lose.  Something has to give.  What we’ve been doing doesn’t work.  Our generation is not “just fine” and the next one will not be either unless we change the cycle.  Ask questions.  Read nutrition blogs.

And most of all, acknowledge conventional ways aren’t THE way.IMG_6863.jpg

6 Items to Spruce Up Your Spice Cabinet

Every month in my thirty-day health accountability groups, we talk about what you should purge from your pantry, your fridge, and your freezer – but one thing that often gets put to the back burner is the SPICE CABINET.  Most people who join  my groups are just beginning commitment to their health – so it is difficult enough for them to purge the pantry, which I feel is the MOST important to audit.

But, for what you must toss from your pantry – you must ADD to your spice cabinet.  For those of us growing up learning to cook with things like seasoning packets and boxed items, the seasoning we needed is already provided, so when you purge those things, you’ve got to figure out how to get the similar flavors so you don’t get bored of what you eat each day.

A HUGE reason that I had begun the process of making my seasonings and dressings from scratch in the first place, is because I live abroad, so I can’t just find Miracle Whip and Hidden Valley Ranch on every street corner.    You can find just about any copycat recipe on Pinterest or Google for your favorite prepackaged seasonings, so over time, I have accumulated a lot of spices in the last year.

These are my six favorite things.

1.  Himalayan Sea Salt – the difference in flavor between this and regular table salt is incredibly noticeable to me.  The regular iodized table salt tastes sort of like bleach or some other chemical type taste in my opinion.  I didn’t used to think that…but now if I’m out of the “pink salt” and have to use the table salt, it tastes TERRIBLE.  Do your research about why to use this, but I promise, it’s worth the splurge.  I use the coarse granules and put it into a salt grinder so that I have more control over how much I salt my post-plated food.  You know how salt likes to come POURING out of a regular shaker…I think this is a good deal on the quantity of sea salt  – and it will last a long time.

2.  RAW Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) – you’ll see me talk about this stuff a lot.  I’ve been drinking it most mornings with a drop of honey and squeeze of lemon wedge to help with digestion and gut bacteria.  I also use it when making bone broth.  It helps detoxify your liver, kidneys, and it pulls the good nutrients out of the bone marrow when making broth.  It is not very tasty to drink, but I guarantee you it’s not any worse than a shot of tequila! Eden is a brand that I get here, but I love Bragg’s and it’s really cheap on Amazon.

3.  Steak Seasoning – I am a HUGE fan of garlic.  I would’ve included it here, but I imagine everyone already has garlic of some form in their kitchen.  I used to season steaks with just salt, pepper, and garlic, but YEARS ago, one of my best friends gave us a bottle of this steak seasoning and we have never stopped using it.  It has dried, organic sea salt, black pepper, garlic, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.  I would have NEVER thought to put the last three ingredients in a steak seasoning – but it’s incredibly tasty.  Just with anything, the flavor is more intense the longer you let it marinate on the steak, but the amazing thing is it’s still pretty freaking good 5 mins before it goes on the grill.  It’s perfect on any kind of meat and I love it on asparagus! I used to order it on Amazon, but lately I’ve only been able to find it straight from their website.  It’s not the cheapest thing ever, but it lasts us (family of 5) for about six to nine months.  It has way less sodium than other steak rubs you’ll see at the grocery store.

4.  Paprika – Y’all. I used to think that paprika was only something you used on Thanksgiving to sprinkle on deviled eggs for decoration.  It turns out, it’s in almost everything!  It’s in Miracle Whip, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, and Asian seasonings…it blows my mind how much I use this stuff.  Do me a favor and find low sodium Paprika though!  It is ridiculous how much sodium is hidden in the foods you’re consuming.  Some brands to trust are Mrs. Dash and Flavor God who have a bunch of combos you’re probably used to using.  Also try things like smoked paprika, or sweet paprika – or my favorite – sweet smoked paprika!  It gives a totally different depth of flavor.

5.  Braggs Liquid Aminos – I cannot find this stuff here either, so I have someone bring us some every 6 months or so.  Imagine soy sauce with 1/4 of the sodium!  We cook a lot of Asian-fusion dishes and this stuff makes me feel less guilty about it (that and the Paprika).  This is yummy on roasted and sautéed veggies!

6.  Ghee – I have posted about this in a previous blog but you really want to get you some of this if you like to cook with butter.  We are in the process of limiting – eliminating dairy from our house and although this isn’t able to be deemed “dairy free” it is {mostly} free of the proteins that cause irritation for people with dairy intolerance.  But aside from that, it’s FREAKING DELICIOUS! I use it more in baking than sauteing, but it has a nutty flavor.  It smells like movie theatre popcorn.  You won’t regret getting rid of the Country Crock for this, I promise.

Some of these items are a little pricer that what you’re probably currently using…but a pro tip is purge and replace one item at a time each week and rest assured that the things your using will be staples in your cabinet for a while and, so you won’t have to purchase it frequently.
Try these things out and let me know what you think!

Can we all just agree…

….to bring our kid their own post-game snack?

I’m not even kidding (although this will be a melodramatic post)!  It is difficult enough to navigate our OWN children’s allergies and sugar intake –much less the need to consider an entire team!

It’s difficult enough to face the pressure of what kids are going to think about your snack, and moms that are so into momming that they wrap everything in perfectly decorated baggies with each child’s name….much less finding snacks that are dairy free, gluten free, coconut free, and nut free…and I’m not poking fun – one of my kids has an allergy.

THEN, throw in the fact that if you’re a mom that doesn’t give your kid juice boxes or gatorade or soda and then you have to swipe that shit from their hands faster than you can blink and be forced to be “that” mom right in front of everyone?  Then there’s that awkward moment where you’ve outwardly disapproved the weekly snack mom’s choice and you so desperately want to say, “it’s not you, it’s me”…like I am not judging you for bringing this but if I allow MY child to have this they’re going to be batshitcrazy for four straight hours and I’ve got to go to the grocery store after this game and I need this kid to keep it together!

THEN, there’s the  mom that brings perfectly healthy snacks and then you wonder if she was upset that you previously brought snacks that she didn’t approve of for her child….

It’s too much pressure!

SO – can we just all officially agree that weekly snacks are silly and just bring our OWN kid a snack!? I mean, our kids get hungry 450 times a day at inconvenient times anyway and any seasoned mother has a car FULL of snacks (in the seats) and ziplock bags of SOMETHING in the bottom of their handbag anyway….right?



Looking back on my transformation with food is just as entertaining to me as my physical transformation.  When I first starting giving a shit about being healthy, I was still CLUELESS and was eating things that I THOUGHT were healthy and now I chuckle.  Swapping bread for tortilla wraps….STILL the same thing, if not even more carbs! {Insert Laugh-Cry Emoji}.  In the EARLIEST days of my “healthy” mindset shift, I thought Cherry Limeades from Sonic were healthy!

So – over time I have learned and will continue to be open-minded about food in the future.

Here are my FIVE HEALTHY SWAPS that are easy to adapt to in the early stages of your clean eating transition.

  1.  Ice Cream for Fruit Sorbet.

During my shark week I crave Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream.  It is just as delicious as it sounds! The most simple swap that I have recently made is fruit sorbet.  I also am a massive fan of orange sherbet and strawberry ice cream.  Here’s all you need to make your own at home:  frozen fruit, healthy milk alternative (rice, almond, coconut), raw macadamia nuts, and a food processor.  Macadamia nuts are sort of sweet all on their own, so you don’t even have to add sugar! Pick your favorite fruit (I’ve been a fan of mango and strawberry) and then add enough to soften the frozen fruit and make it creamy…put it in your food processor and BAM!, ice cream!  Ice cream that your kids can have as much as they want!!!  Crazy huh?  We have it weekly now!

2.  Lettuce Wrap Tacos for Corn/Flour Tortillas.

I am from Texas and I love Mexican food.  Taco Tuesday is a real thing in Tejas.  We can’t get enough tacos, like, ever.  A super easy swap is the corn/flour tortilla for those BIG romaine lettuce leaves.  Sometimes you’ve got to double wrap but then you get to still have tacos!  Or if it falls apart, you’ve got yourself a taco salad!  You can still serve your husband and kids with tortillas if you want.  It’s a great way to keep from cooking multiple meals if you’re not quite ready to lay down the law about food in your house.  Baby steps.  Besides, you know you can’t eat just one taco and this way you can eat a crapload of tacos and save your carbs for better things, like, vodka!

3.  Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip and Sour Cream for Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt is thick and creamy.  One sort of funny thing that many of my first time customers can’t get over is that they “just can’t” do greek yogurt because it is “nasty” and “has no flavor”.  In the States, my generation was brought up with sweet yogurt (imagine that!) so it is difficult for us to disassociate that yogurt is savory while the rest of the world can’t understand why our yogurt is so sweet! I’ve fallen completely in love with Greek food.  Yeeros, get in my belly! With Greek food, comes this little sauce called Tsaziki.   The first time I had it, I HATED it because I’m not a fan of cucumber and dill.  But THEN, I had the spicy version at my favorite greek chain and my little Texas soul was filled with happiness.  The thing about Greek yogurt is, you can make it taste however you want.  Just get OUT of the SWEET mindset (unless you’re adding fresh fruit, which I love too).  It’s delicious with tuna salad, tacos (see above), wraps, seven layer dips, the possibilities are endless.  Sometimes I mix together greek yogurt and avocado as a sandwich spread.  If you’re a Miracle Whip fan, add garlic powder and paprika.  You’re welcome.

4.  Rice for Quinoa.

It took me a while to jump on this bandwagon.  My children have little Asian people hiding inside of them, so we are HUGE on rice in our house.  We still have it weekly, but I swap mine out for quinoa.  I had to cook it a few times until I figured out how I wanted to eat it.  One day, I made this quinoa sushi from the Fixate cookbook where you swap the sticky rice for quinoa, so I had to add rice vinegar.  GAME CHANGER.  Now I boil up some quinoa to add with my protein (my protein is always meat) and add a dash of rice vinegar and down the hatch!  Delicious!

5.  Butter for Ghee.

I had never even heard of Ghee until I moved abroad.  I’m sure it exists but my uncultured little small town Texas eyeballs had just never heard of it or seen it.  It’s in every grocery store here.  Every convenient store.  Basically it is butter, but except it’s been stripped of all of the “dairy” part.  It cannot really be labeled as ‘dairy free’ but all of the moisture and milk solids like casein and lactose have been removed, so people who have sensitivity to dairy can still have ghee.  Wanna know the best part?  It TASTES BETTER!  It has this rich nutty sort of smell.  It reminds me of the smell of fresh popcorn at the movie theater! It’s a great way to get in your healthy fats with less guilt.  Use it in the place of olive oil, vegetable oil, cooking sprays, butter, margarine, any cooking medium really.  If you can’t find it in your grocery store, check Amazon!

Husbands, you can have meat and potatoes.

As I’m sure most people know, Beachbody programs are incredibly effective, and if you haven’t ever completed a workout program from Beachbody then please, email me and I’ll give you the DL. They give us the option to workout from home on a schedule that is convenient for us.  What you may not be aware of is the benefits of having a Team Beachbody Coach.

Most coaches are sharing their journeys every single day on their favorite social media platforms.  They aren’t doing it just because they love taking selfies – I promise.  It takes most coaches a while to get over the fact that if we do not share our journeys, no one will be inspired by us….but THAT is why share so much.  Like most coaches I know, we don’t just share our workout selfies.  We’re telling what program we’re currently committed to, what Shakeology flavor we’re currently obsessed with, which child we finally got to eat the broccoli, how our husband had no idea that the mashed potatoes were actually cauliflower, how the personal development book we’re currently reading is giving us all the feels, and most importantly- we’re sharing our REAL life.

We go from program to program to program for a number of reasons.  1.  Because we’re on our own physical journey.  2.  So that we know the program and who would (or wouldn’t) benefit from it. 3.  So we don’t get bored of one program.

Say you find a coach that you connect with, and you’re inspired by their journey – but you feel like you could never do BODY BEAST because that sounds terrifying and on a level you can’t relate to…that is OKAY.  Most coaches DO NOT start out that way.  In fact, most coaches haven’t ever had any shitstogive about fitness until one day they popped out some kids or gained the freshman fifteen and the sophomore twenty to even HAVE shitstogive about fitness.  We all start out with small expectations.  Lose 10-20 pounds.  Then it becomes real life. Then we complete another program, then we get stronger, then we get more confident, then we stay committed to the entire lifestyle and the next thing you know, we’re running marathons, completing triathlons, we’re outdoors more often, and our whole outlook on life changes.

So this is how it works.  Someone messages me and tells me they’d love to do what I do but they have no idea how to get started.  Well, that’s – because I didn’t either in the beginning…I start by asking them their goals.  What are you wanting to achieve?  Then we talk about injuries, if there are none I move on to asking them what workouts they HATE? Seriously.  For someone that is JUST NOW shitgiving about exercise its unlikely they’re going to LOVE working out, so let’s first find out what they HATE! Then we talk about food.  The food conversation goes on for a while and I’ll save that for another post….

But the jest of what I’m getting at is – you do not have to figure out all of this crap.  We start small.  We have committed to these lifestyle changes personally and thus we are committed to learning and basically teaching you our overcomings because we have at some point or another been in your shoes.  And once you’re in an online support group – you’re surrounded by women who are JUST LIKE YOU.  Moms.  Working.  Staying at Home. Nursing (babies or patients) around the clock.  Students.  Women with resistant husbands {Husbands you don’t have to give up meat and potatoes, I promise!}.  Women who think they’ll never get their kids to eat healthy.  WE ARE ALL fighting the same battles with SOMEONE else out there….so doing it together makes it AMAZING!

Do you need a nap?

I have always felt the need to share my life experiences with people {and sometimes I like to have open conversation about random things}.  It is a priority of mine to help people and I’ve been a guinea pig for some stuff (as are a lot of us) and I find that it could be therapeutic to share my journey out of the test – I mean, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel if someone else has some suggestions out of it.  That really is the coolest freaking thing about the internet anyway, right?  I’ve started blogs before and I just got bored of ONE subject, so I’ve decided that my whole entire life experience can just be shared in one stupid place.  I’m not going to do one of those cliche introductory blogs about who I am and where I came from…

I’ve decided to just START sharing what’s on my mind when the urge to babble comes, you will learn about me and why I’m insanely passionate about things like ribeye steaks and how I am genuinely offended if anyone puts steak sauce on one that is cooked in THIS house, how I really don’t like people buying gifts for my kids for their birthdays, and how I am considering starting a petition to just END the after-game snack for children’s sporting events.

With all of the ruck-a-ma-roe going on in American politics, the mood of social media can get pretty negative.  We get so sucked into people’s opinions and one-sided news articles and feel the urge to defend our own opinions.  Which, sometimes can lead to a healthy exchange, but it USUALLY does not.  Negativity and stress BREEDS more negativity. 

Since the beginning of the year, I have been determined to help change even more lives but I’m desperate first and foremost to inspire people to start sharing POSITIVE stories, start thinking more positive, and to resist the temptation to get sucked in to the yucky things. (And if you’re reading this thinking “yeah, right – good luck with that, Amber!” YOU are who I am talking about!!!)

With being a healthy lifestyle coach, I learn things about people’s lives whilst trying to motivate them, they open up…and I am just absolutely shocked about what all is going on with them that I know about but that little to no one in their immediate inner circle of family and friends have any freaking CLUE is going on with them. 

I challenge you to quit working up about stuff that you do not have control over.  Stop.  Look around you.  Are you living life on the surface?  Do you have superficial relationships with your friends and family?  Do you constantly feel like you’re just saving face?  Do your relationships feel fabricated or like WORK?  Are you the one who doesn’t let people in?  Are you loyal?  You can make changes in people’s lives when you have deeper relationships.  You DO have control of that.  Deeper relationships with people you really care about, purge the ones that you don’t.

Maybe you need to purge negativity.  Maybe you need a nap.  Maybe you need Jesus.  I don’t care what it is that you need – but FIGURE IT OUT so that you can become a HAPPIER person and so that you may influence others around you to do the same.  Try making a list of the things that make you happy and the things that stress you out…start with the stress and determine what you can eliminate, then take the time you were spending on that and apply it to your happy list!