Don’t put me on speaker phone…

You may be wondering…how can a pain in the ass be helpful?

Well…I’m not the kind of person that you can put on speaker phone.  Sometimes my want need for profanity gets out of control…

I could make a sailor blush.

Here’s why I think people still want to be friends with me anyway…

Because I am not the type of person that is going to tell you what you WANT to hear.  I assume when someone contacts me to get my opinion they have previously exhausted all advice from all other folks and still haven’t had a solution to their issue…or perhaps they want to get the cold-hard truth from the very start of their dilemma…

The people that have known me FOREVER expect this tough-love-talk from me.  If you’re just getting to know me…just know, that’s how I show you love.  If I am not challenging you and making you think, then I either am not sure if our friendship is on the level of #truth or I perhaps may not enjoy your company.  Luckily, over the years of personal growth I have practiced and learned how to deliver these moments of brash truth in a little more loving and less harsh way…(still working on it).

One day, I asked myself “Why do you do this to people?!” And the answer I got from myself, was “Because that’s what YOU need…”

I have a really strong personality – and am unapologetically me.  The more of me you see, the closer we are…and I need people even stronger than me and more outspoken than me for advice.  Sometimes that’s hard to find! I think it’s because I give what I need…I need people to hold me accountable just like I hold them.

…God bless all of the people that put up with me…I love you dearly.

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