All Willy Nilly

Marriage advice.

We had to go get food today because, we were gone for a month visiting family in the States, so we were out of everything. Michael went with me so he could get a shave while I shopped and then he met me back in the grocery store.

I forgot I had to grab some almond milk so he started checking out while I went to get it. I came back to find all of our items placed all willy nilly on the belt. It made me cringe. No rhyme or reason to the placement. 😬 

But I didn’t say a word. Catch me on a bad day, and sure – I’d have complained. But today, I took a deep breath and giggled to myself about how unproductive this battle would have been to pick.

I feel like it’s these small instances of every day nit-picky and bickering that make marriage fall into the pits of the rollercoaster.

If I’d have chosen to be bitchy, I KNOW that the next time I asked him to go with me, he would say not no, but hell no!


In previous discussions about our relationship – I learned that when he becomes an unnecessary workaholic, its almost always related to my attitude and current mood.  These days, if I’m being moody for a day, he just brushes it off…and if it’s shark week he brushes it off (or I’d bite his head off) – but if it’s 2-3 days of straight up shittyness toward him, he calls me out.  No, I’m not some oppressed woman whose husband tells her to get some “act right”….I’m a woman that needs to be checked sometimes.  Because I don’t want to end up sharing my children on the weekends with him and some step mom my children can’t wait to see because she makes really good salsa!

So the next time you think about complaining about something DUMB like this…#checkyourself




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