Something had to give.

I was talking to a mom who considers herself crunchy and she said all the time people ask her “this must be your first [child]”?

I’ve heard people say this before. Hell, I’ve probably even said this about people I know who I thought were “extreme” in the past.

The truth of the matter for me, is, I’ve become crunchier with each child (I have three) and as time passes on. Why? Because with each child came a new set of symptoms which I googled, asked questions to my friends who I knew did things in a healthier way, tried to figure out the CAUSE of their symptoms instead. It all started with my daughter who had chronic ear infections for 4 and a half years. Then a little boy who seemed to be allergic to dairy. Then another dairy allergy. A baby who was perfectly normal with no skin issues or illnesses until I started giving him formula at 8 months old.

I didn’t ask the generation above me (no offense to them) but it was clear to me that MY generation was one filled with allergies, early breast cancer, autism, massive amounts of depression and anxiety and quite frankly I felt something had to be common. No coincidence.

As I research more and more I become passionately reliant upon remedies that come from the soil God gave us. What we put into our bodies is killing us. But it can also heal us – if we change what we put into it.

Inflammation is the first sign that something is wrong with your children and you. But what is inflammation? It’s the body’s immune response to something that is wrong. Toxins like chemicals in our processed foods and cleaners, etc. It presents itself in the system through signs like rashes, eczema, headaches, upset stomach, asthma, and even worse like blood circulation and erectile dysfunction – and while some of these can be severe – most of the time all of these symptoms are mild and manageable with convenient over the counter medicines (which also have side effects). But when you combine all of it together – it’s chaos. Your body shouldn’t feel that way. Your little baby and your small children certainly shouldn’t.  STOP ACCEPTING that.

But what do we do? We look to doctors. What do doctors know how to do? Treat symptoms. All we really have to do is change how we take care of ourselves.  Did you know that doctors are not trained in nutrition? I didn’t either until I started researching.

If you have a child with any of those symptoms – I challenge you to change their meal plan to a Whole Foods plant-based diet for two weeks and see what happens. You don’t have anything to lose.  Something has to give.  What we’ve been doing doesn’t work.  Our generation is not “just fine” and the next one will not be either unless we change the cycle.  Ask questions.  Read nutrition blogs.

And most of all, acknowledge conventional ways aren’t THE way.IMG_6863.jpg

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