Can we all just agree…

….to bring our kid their own post-game snack?

I’m not even kidding (although this will be a melodramatic post)!  It is difficult enough to navigate our OWN children’s allergies and sugar intake –much less the need to consider an entire team!

It’s difficult enough to face the pressure of what kids are going to think about your snack, and moms that are so into momming that they wrap everything in perfectly decorated baggies with each child’s name….much less finding snacks that are dairy free, gluten free, coconut free, and nut free…and I’m not poking fun – one of my kids has an allergy.

THEN, throw in the fact that if you’re a mom that doesn’t give your kid juice boxes or gatorade or soda and then you have to swipe that shit from their hands faster than you can blink and be forced to be “that” mom right in front of everyone?  Then there’s that awkward moment where you’ve outwardly disapproved the weekly snack mom’s choice and you so desperately want to say, “it’s not you, it’s me”…like I am not judging you for bringing this but if I allow MY child to have this they’re going to be batshitcrazy for four straight hours and I’ve got to go to the grocery store after this game and I need this kid to keep it together!

THEN, there’s the  mom that brings perfectly healthy snacks and then you wonder if she was upset that you previously brought snacks that she didn’t approve of for her child….

It’s too much pressure!

SO – can we just all officially agree that weekly snacks are silly and just bring our OWN kid a snack!? I mean, our kids get hungry 450 times a day at inconvenient times anyway and any seasoned mother has a car FULL of snacks (in the seats) and ziplock bags of SOMETHING in the bottom of their handbag anyway….right?


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