Looking back on my transformation with food is just as entertaining to me as my physical transformation.  When I first starting giving a shit about being healthy, I was still CLUELESS and was eating things that I THOUGHT were healthy and now I chuckle.  Swapping bread for tortilla wraps….STILL the same thing, if not even more carbs! {Insert Laugh-Cry Emoji}.  In the EARLIEST days of my “healthy” mindset shift, I thought Cherry Limeades from Sonic were healthy!

So – over time I have learned and will continue to be open-minded about food in the future.

Here are my FIVE HEALTHY SWAPS that are easy to adapt to in the early stages of your clean eating transition.

  1.  Ice Cream for Fruit Sorbet.

During my shark week I crave Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream.  It is just as delicious as it sounds! The most simple swap that I have recently made is fruit sorbet.  I also am a massive fan of orange sherbet and strawberry ice cream.  Here’s all you need to make your own at home:  frozen fruit, healthy milk alternative (rice, almond, coconut), raw macadamia nuts, and a food processor.  Macadamia nuts are sort of sweet all on their own, so you don’t even have to add sugar! Pick your favorite fruit (I’ve been a fan of mango and strawberry) and then add enough to soften the frozen fruit and make it creamy…put it in your food processor and BAM!, ice cream!  Ice cream that your kids can have as much as they want!!!  Crazy huh?  We have it weekly now!

2.  Lettuce Wrap Tacos for Corn/Flour Tortillas.

I am from Texas and I love Mexican food.  Taco Tuesday is a real thing in Tejas.  We can’t get enough tacos, like, ever.  A super easy swap is the corn/flour tortilla for those BIG romaine lettuce leaves.  Sometimes you’ve got to double wrap but then you get to still have tacos!  Or if it falls apart, you’ve got yourself a taco salad!  You can still serve your husband and kids with tortillas if you want.  It’s a great way to keep from cooking multiple meals if you’re not quite ready to lay down the law about food in your house.  Baby steps.  Besides, you know you can’t eat just one taco and this way you can eat a crapload of tacos and save your carbs for better things, like, vodka!

3.  Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip and Sour Cream for Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt is thick and creamy.  One sort of funny thing that many of my first time customers can’t get over is that they “just can’t” do greek yogurt because it is “nasty” and “has no flavor”.  In the States, my generation was brought up with sweet yogurt (imagine that!) so it is difficult for us to disassociate that yogurt is savory while the rest of the world can’t understand why our yogurt is so sweet! I’ve fallen completely in love with Greek food.  Yeeros, get in my belly! With Greek food, comes this little sauce called Tsaziki.   The first time I had it, I HATED it because I’m not a fan of cucumber and dill.  But THEN, I had the spicy version at my favorite greek chain and my little Texas soul was filled with happiness.  The thing about Greek yogurt is, you can make it taste however you want.  Just get OUT of the SWEET mindset (unless you’re adding fresh fruit, which I love too).  It’s delicious with tuna salad, tacos (see above), wraps, seven layer dips, the possibilities are endless.  Sometimes I mix together greek yogurt and avocado as a sandwich spread.  If you’re a Miracle Whip fan, add garlic powder and paprika.  You’re welcome.

4.  Rice for Quinoa.

It took me a while to jump on this bandwagon.  My children have little Asian people hiding inside of them, so we are HUGE on rice in our house.  We still have it weekly, but I swap mine out for quinoa.  I had to cook it a few times until I figured out how I wanted to eat it.  One day, I made this quinoa sushi from the Fixate cookbook where you swap the sticky rice for quinoa, so I had to add rice vinegar.  GAME CHANGER.  Now I boil up some quinoa to add with my protein (my protein is always meat) and add a dash of rice vinegar and down the hatch!  Delicious!

5.  Butter for Ghee.

I had never even heard of Ghee until I moved abroad.  I’m sure it exists but my uncultured little small town Texas eyeballs had just never heard of it or seen it.  It’s in every grocery store here.  Every convenient store.  Basically it is butter, but except it’s been stripped of all of the “dairy” part.  It cannot really be labeled as ‘dairy free’ but all of the moisture and milk solids like casein and lactose have been removed, so people who have sensitivity to dairy can still have ghee.  Wanna know the best part?  It TASTES BETTER!  It has this rich nutty sort of smell.  It reminds me of the smell of fresh popcorn at the movie theater! It’s a great way to get in your healthy fats with less guilt.  Use it in the place of olive oil, vegetable oil, cooking sprays, butter, margarine, any cooking medium really.  If you can’t find it in your grocery store, check Amazon!

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