Husbands, you can have meat and potatoes.

As I’m sure most people know, Beachbody programs are incredibly effective, and if you haven’t ever completed a workout program from Beachbody then please, email me and I’ll give you the DL. They give us the option to workout from home on a schedule that is convenient for us.  What you may not be aware of is the benefits of having a Team Beachbody Coach.

Most coaches are sharing their journeys every single day on their favorite social media platforms.  They aren’t doing it just because they love taking selfies – I promise.  It takes most coaches a while to get over the fact that if we do not share our journeys, no one will be inspired by us….but THAT is why share so much.  Like most coaches I know, we don’t just share our workout selfies.  We’re telling what program we’re currently committed to, what Shakeology flavor we’re currently obsessed with, which child we finally got to eat the broccoli, how our husband had no idea that the mashed potatoes were actually cauliflower, how the personal development book we’re currently reading is giving us all the feels, and most importantly- we’re sharing our REAL life.

We go from program to program to program for a number of reasons.  1.  Because we’re on our own physical journey.  2.  So that we know the program and who would (or wouldn’t) benefit from it. 3.  So we don’t get bored of one program.

Say you find a coach that you connect with, and you’re inspired by their journey – but you feel like you could never do BODY BEAST because that sounds terrifying and on a level you can’t relate to…that is OKAY.  Most coaches DO NOT start out that way.  In fact, most coaches haven’t ever had any shitstogive about fitness until one day they popped out some kids or gained the freshman fifteen and the sophomore twenty to even HAVE shitstogive about fitness.  We all start out with small expectations.  Lose 10-20 pounds.  Then it becomes real life. Then we complete another program, then we get stronger, then we get more confident, then we stay committed to the entire lifestyle and the next thing you know, we’re running marathons, completing triathlons, we’re outdoors more often, and our whole outlook on life changes.

So this is how it works.  Someone messages me and tells me they’d love to do what I do but they have no idea how to get started.  Well, that’s – because I didn’t either in the beginning…I start by asking them their goals.  What are you wanting to achieve?  Then we talk about injuries, if there are none I move on to asking them what workouts they HATE? Seriously.  For someone that is JUST NOW shitgiving about exercise its unlikely they’re going to LOVE working out, so let’s first find out what they HATE! Then we talk about food.  The food conversation goes on for a while and I’ll save that for another post….

But the jest of what I’m getting at is – you do not have to figure out all of this crap.  We start small.  We have committed to these lifestyle changes personally and thus we are committed to learning and basically teaching you our overcomings because we have at some point or another been in your shoes.  And once you’re in an online support group – you’re surrounded by women who are JUST LIKE YOU.  Moms.  Working.  Staying at Home. Nursing (babies or patients) around the clock.  Students.  Women with resistant husbands {Husbands you don’t have to give up meat and potatoes, I promise!}.  Women who think they’ll never get their kids to eat healthy.  WE ARE ALL fighting the same battles with SOMEONE else out there….so doing it together makes it AMAZING!

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