Do you need a nap?

I have always felt the need to share my life experiences with people {and sometimes I like to have open conversation about random things}.  It is a priority of mine to help people and I’ve been a guinea pig for some stuff (as are a lot of us) and I find that it could be therapeutic to share my journey out of the test – I mean, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel if someone else has some suggestions out of it.  That really is the coolest freaking thing about the internet anyway, right?  I’ve started blogs before and I just got bored of ONE subject, so I’ve decided that my whole entire life experience can just be shared in one stupid place.  I’m not going to do one of those cliche introductory blogs about who I am and where I came from…

I’ve decided to just START sharing what’s on my mind when the urge to babble comes, you will learn about me and why I’m insanely passionate about things like ribeye steaks and how I am genuinely offended if anyone puts steak sauce on one that is cooked in THIS house, how I really don’t like people buying gifts for my kids for their birthdays, and how I am considering starting a petition to just END the after-game snack for children’s sporting events.

With all of the ruck-a-ma-roe going on in American politics, the mood of social media can get pretty negative.  We get so sucked into people’s opinions and one-sided news articles and feel the urge to defend our own opinions.  Which, sometimes can lead to a healthy exchange, but it USUALLY does not.  Negativity and stress BREEDS more negativity. 

Since the beginning of the year, I have been determined to help change even more lives but I’m desperate first and foremost to inspire people to start sharing POSITIVE stories, start thinking more positive, and to resist the temptation to get sucked in to the yucky things. (And if you’re reading this thinking “yeah, right – good luck with that, Amber!” YOU are who I am talking about!!!)

With being a healthy lifestyle coach, I learn things about people’s lives whilst trying to motivate them, they open up…and I am just absolutely shocked about what all is going on with them that I know about but that little to no one in their immediate inner circle of family and friends have any freaking CLUE is going on with them. 

I challenge you to quit working up about stuff that you do not have control over.  Stop.  Look around you.  Are you living life on the surface?  Do you have superficial relationships with your friends and family?  Do you constantly feel like you’re just saving face?  Do your relationships feel fabricated or like WORK?  Are you the one who doesn’t let people in?  Are you loyal?  You can make changes in people’s lives when you have deeper relationships.  You DO have control of that.  Deeper relationships with people you really care about, purge the ones that you don’t.

Maybe you need to purge negativity.  Maybe you need a nap.  Maybe you need Jesus.  I don’t care what it is that you need – but FIGURE IT OUT so that you can become a HAPPIER person and so that you may influence others around you to do the same.  Try making a list of the things that make you happy and the things that stress you out…start with the stress and determine what you can eliminate, then take the time you were spending on that and apply it to your happy list!


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